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KAE brings 45 years of experience in acoustics and vibration to the California Central Coast. We provide consulting services in the areas of acoustical analysis and noise control for industrial plants, community noise, and consumer products. We perform noise and vibration testing and evaluation of environments or products, advise clients on design for quieter products, and research and development in methods for noise and vibration mitigation. Our experience is in: office buildings, hotels, theaters, industrial facilities, and jet and fan noise.

Acoustical Analysis includes the prediction of: source noise, acoustic propagation, and noise exposure.

Noise Control includes: measurement in sound and vibration environments, design of noise and vibration controls, and working with contractors to implement designs.

KAE Capabilities

1. Prediction of acoustic environments.

2. Review of equipment specifications and installation drawings items/systems affecting noise.

3. Design and test noise control methods, treatments, and configurations. Define requirements for acoustical installations.

4. R&D in noise and vibration reduction methods.

5. Instruction in acoustics, vibrations, and noise control.


Herbert L. Kuntz, Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Since 1974, Board Certified, 1979-2016, Emeritus 2017.
Acoustical Society of America, Since 1974

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